System Aziz Complex




Aziz Complex, a groundbreaking project unfolding in 2024 with a $4 million investment in Rajakhali, Chattogram. This unique development effortlessly combines a trendy shopping mall on the first four floors with luxurious apartments above, reaching up to the 12th floor. Immerse yourself in the comfort of a bustling commercial hub connected with upscale living, promising a lifestyle that’s simple, sophisticated, and unlike any other.

System Dove Tower: Chattogram's Urban Oasis






System Dove Tower is a super cool place to live in Chattogram, it is opening in December 2023. We’ve put $1 million to make it amazing with all the cool stuff you’d love.Beyond bricks and mortar, it symbolises a commitment to elevating urban living standards, contributing significantly to Chattogram’s dynamic urban development and landscape.Experience the essence of contemporary living in a fusion of luxury and advantageous.

System Imperial Complex: Chattogram's Tech Hub for IT, Electronics & Mobile Innovation



The System Imperial Complex inaugurated in November 2023 with a $3 million investment, stands as Chattogram’s premier marketplace for IT, electronics, and mobile products and services. Encompassing a comprehensive array of cutting-edge technology, the complex reflects a commitment to bolstering Bangladesh’s technological infrastructure. It serves as a hub for innovation, business collaboration, and skill development across the IT, electronics, and mobile sectors, contributing significantly to the region’s technological advancement.